Goals or Whatever You’re Calling It

I feel like this word has become apart of our every day language. It’s a word we use often but rarely put into action. Many have changed the word to a different name like target or intention, some have even tried to make it sound better by spiffing up the name like smart goals. Whatever you want to call it, when you get right down to it, a goal is something you want to accomplish in a specific amount of time.

We talk about goals all the time at the salon and I think stylists think “yes I have goals”.  And that’s really great, but, tell me,  what are you going to do about it? How are you going to accomplish your goals?

I want to share some strategies on how to execute your goals, so they don’t just remain floating around your head for years to come. Let’s start achieving these goals!


#1. First and most importantly, write them down! I know that you’ve heard this a million times; but it’s true, writing them down makes a goal more tangible.


#2. You need to sort your goals. Maybe you have two goals, maybe you have ten goals or maybe twenty-five? You need to put them in order! Sort them by importance or by time of execution or perhaps some of your goals will help accomplish a greater goal? Maybe you want to order them from easy to hard! Easier goals that you know you can accomplish can create a momentum; so that when you get to the harder goals you will have less fear and you will love that feeling of accomplishment you’ve become accustomed to. Whatever it is, sort your goals in an order that makes sense to you.


#3. Once you’ve written them down and decided on an order you want to complete them in, decide on a specific time you want to execute your goals by. This gives you a time limit and helps you put action into your goals.


#4. You should assess where you are currently with your goal. You cannot know how to achieve your goal if you don’t know where you’re starting from!


#5. Look at each goal and think about how you are going to accomplish it. Write your strategy down of how you can reach your goal.


#6. Write down the things that will be better in your life because you’ve obtained your goals. It is just as important to know why you are working towards the goal and what it will do for you and your work, life ect.

Now you have a path to complete your goal! Follow your steps and you will find yourself full of accomplishment, pride, happiness and perhaps addicted to obtaining goals!


To all the leaders of the salon, it is your job to help blueprint goals with your tribe!  Do not write them down for them but rather talk about what goals they want to reach, how they are going to reach them and what it will do for them as a stylist. Check up on them, ask them how things are going and if they need any help. (A great place to do this is in One on Ones and Follow Ups)

Most importantly, it is your job to remain positive, cheer them on and remind them of why they are achieving their goal! (And don’t forget to goal for yourself as well!)



Let’s stop talking about goals, setting goals and saying goals, let’s start accomplishing them!


Here is an Example Goal:

Goal: Average Retail Per Guest:  $15

By:  June 2018

Where I am : $9.68 per guest

Average Guests Per Day: 10

Average product cost $22

I already sell 4.4 products a day. To get to $15 per guest I must sell 3 more products a day. ( equaling 7 products)

7 x $22 = $154 ÷ 10 = $15.40

This goal will help me get more money in education dollars and will help my guests with their hair at home. I will feel more connected to my guests and more professional and confident.


Let’s Succeed at Many Goals, Resolutions, Intentions, Targets or Whatever you want to Call It!





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