Salon Sanctuary

Follow The Leader

Do you remember this game when you were a kid? Everyone would do what the ‘leader’ did. You followed everything they did; jumping up, sitting down or waving your hands around. Usually the leader would choose the most ridiculous things for you to do and you would do them.

This is the very opposite of how a leader should be. If you are just telling your Tribe what to do and have rules that don’t matter or don’t make sense then you are not leading at all. Those types of actions make you a boss rather than a leader. Which would you rather be?

What are the responsibilities of a leader?  It’s in the word, a leader should lead, it’s that simple. Leaders do not dictate, they support. Leaders have clear simple rules that have purpose. Leaders are a part of the Tribe. Leaders help, they wants the best from their Tribe, they want their Tribe to succeed. Leaders love, care, support, help, nurture, listen and much more.

What are the top qualities of a great leader?



This is the single most important quality for a great leader. Being transparent will allow for trust and vulnerability. Most people don’t feel safe enough to be transparent with people outside of their friends and family.  You teach people how to treat you and if you are transparent they will be as well.  It shows trust, honesty and integrity. Be open with your Tribe and they will trust you and work hard for you for it.



A leader must do what they say. If you speak it you must live it, if you make a promise, you have to follow through. If you want to implement something into the salon, you must do it too.  You must be very cautious with how you give your word to your Tribe and the commitments that you make to them.  Your consistency will show your Tribe how to be, how to act, how to treat eachother and guests. It will show how the salon operates, how it’s cleaned and what the Culture is . If you are consistent in everything you are asking of them your Tribe will respect you and your salon. Don’t forget to hold each other accountable for your words and your actions. It’s okay if you make a mistake, it happens all the time! Own it and grow from it, being accountable will make you a strong leader.



A leader must have strong communication skills. You must be decisive and ask lots of questions. If you communicate by asking questions you can make a better decision for your Tribe and your salon. You must be confident, clear and honest in your communication but never forget to be kind. Have real conversations and be truthful. Don’t forget that listening is a big part of communication, you must listen more than you talk. Give opportunities for improvement and take them as well. One of the hardest things to take is criticism, it’s human nature to defend and our egos show up.  Take a deep breath, remind yourself it’s ok, you’re not perfect and your Tribe only wants the best for you and the salon. Listen to them, ask questions for more information and think about it for twenty four hours; then you’ll be able to hear the words as words and move forward with their suggestions. It’s important to show them how powerful communication is and that it will help them and the salon grow.



Focus is a huge part of leadership. You must see more and do less. Push them to be the best that they can be. Give them support and believe in them. Pay close attention to what each member of your Tribe is doing, saying and believing, we all get in our own heads sometimes.  If you keep focus on them they will grow and grow your salon. Allow them to lead, focus on their strengths and you’ll be creating future Leaders for your salon. Get to know each one of your Tribe members because sometimes leading needs to happen outside of the salon too. Staying focused on your Tribe and their needs will ensure they will do they same for your guests. Your business will grow and prosper if you focus on your Tribes development.

Do you feel you have these qualities?  Take time and reflect on how you are leading, how you could improve and talk to your Tribe about it. Being a leader is full of love, care, expectations, honesty and trust. Being a leader is so important in your salon and to your Tribe.



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