Salon Sanctuary

Tribe Series: Connection

I know we are feeling many emotions right now. Daily we are scared, angry, confused and worried. I know we feel unsure of what the future will bring and wondering how we can make it through.
We can make it through; by staying connected.

When we dwell on things that we cannot answer we tend to go into the negative, we concentrate on all the things that are not in our control. In order for our mindset to remain healthy we need to focus on the positive. Focus on the things that we can control and that give us hope.

One thing that we can absolutely control is our connection to our Tribe.
Now more than ever it’s important to remain connected! Technology is a blessing these days and it’s a great tool for you to help your Salon and the well-being of your Tribe. Here are some ways to remain connected:

Now is a fantastic time to learn and educate your tribe!
Make a schedule and stick to it for some normalcy, everyday a specific time from Monday to Friday. You could talk to your tribe through Zoom, Facebook Messenger or many other apps. Take this time to go over colour theory, product knowledge and give yourself time to do the salon structures and procedures. We can now look at the time we’ve been given as something positive!


Be Clear and Concise
It’s a great time to sort out all the things that we never have time for!
You can take this opportunity to go over your brand, your vision, your mission, and your values together.
Create a conversation with your Tribe about all of these things, to really become clear about who you are as a Salon and why you do what you do.
You can set plans, goals and a consistent structure for when you are back.
We all know we are going to be incredibly busy when we are back in the salon so we want to make sure that we are not going to sacrifice who we are, the guest experience or our Tribe members when that happens.


Watch Education “Together”
Find something from your favourite hairstylist, your product company or even a TED Talk and watch it. After the Tribe members can discuss key points, things you can implement into the Salon or things they loved about the program. This will help create a dialogue between all of you and reignite your passion for your Salon, each other and yourselves.


Book Club
Along the same lines as watching a program you could also pick a book to read and then discuss it. You can order them online or you can download something like Kindle or Audio. There are many great books that can help improve morale and Inspire. (To name a few Brene Brown, Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins, Ryan Eiris, Visen Lakiani)

Text Messages
Send text messages to your Tribe individually even if it’s just a hello. This keeps you connected on a one-on-one basis and is very important to your Tribe members.

Have Those Hard Conversations
Ask your Tribe what they want for the future of the Salon. Ask them how they are feeling and answer their questions to the best of your ability. Make then feel safe and apart of the decisions behind the salon. Be open and listen!


Let Them Lead
Ask for suggestions of what you can do on your calls, your Tribe is full of ideas! Everyone is feeling the loss of physical distancing, especially hairstylists! Allow them to lead and decide what things you could do to remain connected!

It’s extremely important to remain connected to your Tribe at any time but now more than ever.
You have this incredible opportunity to reach out, and evolve your Salon and your connection with your Tribe for the better!
Without your Tribe your Salon would not be the same. If you are feeling worried, they are too.
Be Compassionate and Love on each other. Help each other through this uncertain time and come out stronger, together.



If you would like help with your mission, vision, values and/or structure please email me at
I’d love to help!

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