Investing In Yourself, Your Tribe and Your Salon

Together we will conquer your goals! I give you support and help you remain focused on your goals so your salon will be the best salon around!


Free Consultation 
This allows me to get to know you and your salon. We will talk about your tribe, culture, brand and goals. This will give us both an idea of what areas I can help you and your salon with.

At this unprecedented and unusual time I’m here to help anyone who needs it!


When we start our Journey We will dive into creating your culture by going through your Mission, Vision and Values. These will help the salons culture and help your tribe become a tribe.

Crystal Globe - Europe and Africa
Dedicated to goal setting! We will set your ultimate goal of what you want for your salon.


I will take you on a journey ending with having the best salon to have a career, the best salon to visit and a salon that makes you money!

Tribe Meetings (Approx: One Hour)
Goal setting with you and your tribe, Trust exercises and Creating your culture and brand together. Continuing to work towards your goal!

Group (Approx; Three Hours)
I will help you in any area you need! I will customize to your group needs. We can discuss Culture, Goal Setting, Branding, Tribe Building and much more!


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