My Story

Angela has been in the industry for over 19 years. She is an educator for Metro Beauty Supplies and Eufora International and is a certified salon coach associated with Certified Coaching Federation. She loves her industry and believe success lies in there culture and tribe of a salon. She continues to work with salon owners and hel them create the best salon atmosphere for their tribe and guests.

For More Of Her Story:

Being a stylist is an extremely emotional and rewarding thing.

Unfortunately there are some salons that do not treat their team well, there is no culture, no vision, mission or even values.

In my first job I was the ‘shampoo girl’ which you know basically meant that I was a gopher. I am positive some of you have felt like that too when you were an apprentice.  I did a lot of cleaning and shampoo’s but I took my job seriously and did the best that I could  because I wanted to be a stylist!                                 I never received that opportunity, I was treated horribly by most of the stylists and I never learned anything beyond what I already knew from school.  I left, not sure I even wanted to be a stylist anymore.

My next job was very short lived. I thought I finally found a salon that I could evolve in, one that did a lot of competitions, education and a had big team. After two weeks I discovered it was just like the small salon I had come from only there was five times as many people that treated you badly.  There was no team let alone a tribe and I found myself back where I started.

I left that salon, feeling disconcerted and in my mind I wondered what career I should have next.

I then stumbled across another salon and I finally found what I was looking for! We were a team, we believed in education and we knew that our profession was very special. We have our ups and downs but we work together and grow.

Then, about seven years ago, I met my greatest mentor. He loved the industry wholeheartedly and I knew in that minute that I did too. I wanted to help other salons become their best and have a tribe and a culture.

Shortly after I became an educator for his company, I have the pleasure of travelling around to salons and sharing technical and business structures.

After five years of educating I still have the desire to help further.

Upon thinking about what that looked like I attended some events with speakers, read books and did some research. I attended one event that talked about leadership and coaching and that is when I knew what I wanted, I want to help salons with their culture and their tribe, making it the best place to have a profession!

I decided to become a certified salon coach and do what I love; help salon owners accomplish their dreams.

And so that is why I am here, improving atmosphere, attitude and happiness, one salon at a time