Specialized opportunities I help you with to achieve the Best Salon, Tribe and Culture!

-Your Why Creating your Mission, Vision and Values

-Your Tribe – Tribe Meetings, One on Ones and Tribe Building

– Your Culture – Checklist and Infusing

-Branding – Consistency, All things in your Business and Targets

-Atmosphere of Happiness – Tribe Treats, Healthy Competition and Delegation

-Your Dream – Fun = Happiness, Dream Boards and Loving what you do! Creating the best salon atmosphere.

-Goals and Targets – How to Set, How to Track and Accountability

-Education – Growth for Self,  Growth for your Tribe and Incentives

-Retailing – How to, What’s your Number and the Benefits of Knowing

-Balance – On the Business,  In the Business and Time Management

-Problem Solving – Finances, Tribe and Ownership

-Salon Numbers – P & L’s, Breaking Even and Keeping Track

-Knowing the Numbers – Budgets, Reports and Growth

Add Ons

Advertising – Commercials, Social Media and Your Guests

Websites – What and What Not To, Displays and Menus

Roles – Coordinators, Managers and Assistants and Tribe Members

Mentoring – Be a Mentor, Find a Mentor and Helping Each Other

Community – Becoming a part of your Community, Helping and Event Planning

*Leadership – How to Coach your Tribe, What is your Role and Leading the Industry

New Salon Package

☆Your Salon – Dream, Execute and Accomplish

Decisions – Rental/Commission, Tribe Members and Interviews

Plans – Business Plans, Locations and Leases and Target Markets

Procedures – Training,  Consistency and Mentoring

Together we will build your culture, brand and tribe, making your salon the best place to have a career and with this success, the best salon your guest will ever walk into!

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