Salon Sanctuary’s Vision


It is my dream to help salon owners.We spend most of our waking hours in the salon.

What does your salon look like?

Does it look cohesive? Do you have a brand? Are you consistent?

What does your Salon sound like?

Do you hear laughter? Do you hear education? Do you hear your tribe talking about hair, do they use the same verbiage?

What does your salon feel like?

Does it feel good when we walk in the door?  Do we call our tribe members our friends? Do we feel happy? Warmth? Excitement?

As an owner, are you a leader? Do you think about goals?  Individual goals and tribe goals?

Do you remember why you own a salon? Does your tribe know your story?

Your salon should be fun, inviting and a safe place for your tribe.

How do you feel about your salon?

Does your culture reflects happiness?

If any of these questions get you thinking, if you would like to improve morale, build a better culture and tribe then you came to the right place!

That is why I am here! To help you accomplish your desires !

I will spend time with you, time on your salon, on your tribe and make your salon the best place to be!


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