Tribe Series: How to Uphold your Tribe!

Last week we talked about employee versus Team versus tribe, I love having this conversation with salon owners because I can see the light bulb go on in their head. They are forming groups of people in their salon and can see how far or close they are to tribe.

Aim for the tribe. If you feel like you have a few good tribe members and want to reach full tribe status here are things you need to be for them, here are the things that you must uphold to keep them.


1. Give them Purpose.

50% of all people would take a pay cut if they felt like they had purpose in their work. This is where your mission and values come in, your mission; clearly stated will attract your tribe, your values; known to everyone will make your tribe feel in sync with you. Let them know your purpose so they can join the mission and feel apart of it.

2. Leadership

The salon needs more leadership, let’s be honest, the world needs more leadership! As a leader you must help your tribe, help them set goals, give them the independence to reach them and always be open to their ideas. Your tribe needs you to be there for them and guide them, but remember, a great leader does not do all the work for them! Failing is apart of learning, be there to pick them up and encourage them from a loving and kind place.

3. Structure

Your tribe needs responsibilities and they need to know exactly what is expected of them. I want you to know that it is okay to have systems and rules! The more structure the better. Understand they may not always 100% follow the structure, however, they will try their best to do everything in sync with the structure and rules.  It is much easier to be a tribe when you know what is expected of you and others.


4. Transparency

Your tribe does not want to feel like they do not know something. They want your transparency and to realize you are human too. No one has it all figured out, isn’t that what having a Tribe is all about!  Let them know you need their help, you will work together and make the salon even better.

5. Trust

I know that trust is hard thing to give, especially when it comes to something so important like your Salon.  But, frankly, without trust there is no tribe. You probably feel like trust comes with knowing people first, especially when you have had problems before.  Please know that your tribe members want the best for your salon, just as you do. If there are structures and rules in place it will be easy for them to make the right decisions. Giving Trust will make the salon run smoothly and help your tribe work together.

6. Equality

Every tribe member wants to be equally challenged, equally helped and equally celebrated. This is so important to a tribe because if they are not treated equally animosity can creep in, which leads to your tribe falling apart. Even something as simple as competitions in the salon should never be tribe member against tribe member, it should always be about individual growth. Equality can make or break a tribe. Rules and structure can help keep equality in the salon.

7. Opportunity for Growth

Every one of your tribe members wants to grow. You want to be sure to offer help in this area! This could mean sharing ideas, helping pay for education or time to practice techniques. Offer your tribe members one hour of innovation time a week to improve a skill or technique. I always suggest this hour to be spent on both personal and professional growth.  A tribe member will continuously be learning and they will want to share all they learn with the rest of the tribe, let them share and teach at meetings, this will grow the tribe on a whole.


8. Recognition

Every one of us likes when we are told we did an awesome job. We love when someone clicks like on our Facebook or loves a picture on our Instagram. Your Tribe needs that too. You can celebrate their Milestones, achievements and hard work (just remember to have equality when doing so) It doesn’t have to break the bank either, having everyone clap for them at a meeting or doing a happy dance together will mean a lot. A cupcake to celebrate their anniversary or a fun trophy that can be theirs for the month for reaching a goal. You can do a spotlight on them on Facebook or Instagram. In the salon, as in life, it’s all about the little things.

9. Compensation

Of course money comes into the tribe equation, but as you can see it’s not everything. Your tribe wants to know they can make more and have more (don’t we all). You can design bonuses, ascending pay structures, incentive programs or individual growth benchmarks.  Please be sure that you are paying your tribe appropriately, they do not want to feel unappreciated for all their hard work!


10. Work/Life Balance

I left this one for last because I think it is one of the hardest things for stylists and salon owners. We love our job and guests so much that sometimes we spend 12 hours a day in the salon. We really need to stop doing this, our bodies especially do not like it after so many years! Our stylists want to choose their hours, they want to have a guilt-free vacations and they want to be able to call in sick when necessary. It’s hard, I know. But here’s the thing you need to know, a tribe member would never abused this generosity, ever. Offer unlimited vacation (not all paid) let them know that their life is important; their family, friends, health and Adventures. This will make a huge difference to your tribes morale and don’t forget to give it to yourself as well!



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