Infusing Your Culture

Last week we talked about your cultural checklist and now that you’ve checked those boxes off let’s talk about how to infuse your culture into the salon!

There are 6 things that will support the infusion of your culture.

Explain! Explain! And Explain Again!


You must explain why you want to improve the culture. You know your values and your mission and those are both great ways to explain your why.  In a Tribe meeting explain how you’re going to infuse the culture; giving specific things your tribe can do to get where you want the culture to be. Explain the benefits of the culture, what will be beneficial for them, for you and for the salon once you have your culture in place.

Be Ready for Opposition!


People fear change, it’s one of the hardest things for people because emotions and pride come into play. Knowing each of your Tribes personalities and spending time with them individually will help ease them into the culture. In your one on ones let them know specifically what benefits there are for them as a stylist and personally. Help them see the culture vision and why it’s important for the salon. Ask them how this culture makes them feel and what growth they can see taking place; for them and the salon.

Step by Step


Outline every single step that needs to be taken for each Tribe member. If you don’t do this it can be overwhelming and everyone can easily give up. Giving a step-by-step will make it easier for them to implement the culture together. It is always easier to get where you’re going when you know how to get there and even easier when you have help.

Be the Leader


Do all these steps yourself, people learn by watching. Think of a child, a child will repeat your actions and habits before doing what you asked them to do!  If you do all that you are asking of them it’s easier for them to follow. It is hard work and a lot of pressure but you need to be the change. Also know that it’s okay if you slip up or if they do. Infusing your culture probably won’t happen overnight. Failing is learning and it will help improve your culture in the end. Be transparent about it, tell them you failed, that it didn’t work this time or you were wrong, they need to know that you’re human and that it’s okay if we mess up! Stumble, learn, keep going!


Be United!


Discover success blockers. Things that aren’t working. Is there something that isn’t flowing? How can we make this work? Ask for your Tribes input and ideas, ask what will make it easier for them, what can you do to help them. What don’t they enjoy about the culture? Ask for an explanation and a solution! Your Tribe wants your culture to work! Realize fear can stop you and then we tend to complain, point fingers and it quickly becomes the opposite of what we’re trying to do! Have real conversations about it and work through it together. Infusing your culture will take work but when you are united and committed your salon will sore!

Appreciate Moments



Recognize when they are doing things within the culture. Praise and thank them when it’s going right. This will make everyone feel good about the culture and want grow the culture. Reward them for executing the steps you’ve asked them to do and show them how they’ve benefited from it. You’ve explained, you are ready for their opposition, you’ve outlined every step they need to take, you’ve led by example and now you can show them all their hard work is paying off.  Be sure to Celebrate it!

In the age of booth rental & suite salons you have to work harder, you have to make your salon the best place to have a career.

You have to make your culture a way of life.



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